VW HUB2 is a simple data logger for vibrating wire instruments, robust and with low power consumption for geotechnical and structural monitoring.
It can connect up to 2 vibrating wire sensors with integrated temperature sensor.
It is suitable for use in harsh environments, thanks to a robust case and the waterproof sealants used to protect the electronics.
VW HUB2 has extremely low power consumption and is powered by two AA batteries, type D.
The 4GB internal memory is capable of storing around 50,000 measurements and is accessible via a USB interface through which stored data can be transferred via the “copy and paste” facility of a PC or other mobile device.


Among its main applications:

  • Monitoring levels and pore pressure
  • Monitoring settlement
  • Monitoring landslides
  • Monitoring cracks and deformations
  • Monitoring loads and pressures


  • Sturdy
  • Simple interface via USB Interface
  • Battery powered
  • IP 65 waterproof
  • Connection options for 2 vibrating wire sensors + temperature sensors
  • Immediate memory download via copy and paste
  • Ideal for stand-alone applications in harsh environments
  • Electronics protected from surges
  • 4 MB of internal memory
  • Low power consumption. The two batteries can last up to 12 months with 1 reading/hour


VW HUB2 is easily configured via the USB interface by setting up, on a specific configuration file, all logger parameters such as date and time and measurement frequency
It can be connected to up to two complete vibrating wire sensors with any integrated temperature sensors. Data logger power is supplied via 2 D batteries; battery life is estimated as over 12 months with a sampling frequency of 1 measurement / hour
Data is saved in the internal memory of the data logger in .csv format and simply transferred to a PC or other portable device by “copy and paste” through connection with the USB interface.


Type of instruments Vibrating Wire
Number of instruments 2 Vibrating Wire channels with temperature
Frequency range 450 ÷ 6000 Hz
Resolution 0,01 Hz
Resolution of temperature 0,1 °C
Power supply n. 2 AA type batteries
Memory 4 MB
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 8 cm
Protection  degree IP65

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