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Towke Mukorsi Dam (Zimbabwe): supply and commissiong of monitoring instrumentation

///Towke Mukorsi Dam (Zimbabwe): supply and commissiong of monitoring instrumentation

Salini Impregilo SpA

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The Tokwe Mukorsi Dam is a concrete-face rock-fill dam on the Tokwe River, just downstream of its confluence with the Mukorsi River, about 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of Masvingo in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.
The project is completed by 5 saddle dams on the right bank.
Pizzi Instruments is currently providing for the supply and installation of monitoring equipment.
The installed instrumentation was specially designed by Pizzi Instruments thanks to the long experience in geotechnical and structural monitoring, innovative solutions ensure reliable and long-lasting functionality over time.
In agreement with the Customer, Pizzi Instruments has recently been asked to carry out an inspection directly in the dam, in order to estimate the needed monitoring equipment necessary to complete the works.

DEC3000 Portable Datalogger
Vibrating Wire Crackmeters
Vibrating Wire settlement cells
USBR Settlement System
Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer