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Sicily Region Dams : verification and integration of monitoring instrumentation

///Sicily Region Dams : verification and integration of monitoring instrumentation

Sicily Region  – Regional Department of Energy and Public Utilities

Start Date of Works
May 2014

End Date of Works
In progress

On May 2014 the Sicily Region requested Pizzi Instruments to carry out a series of inspections on the monitoring instruments installed on the dams directly managed by the Sicilian Departmente of Energy and Public Utilities.
During the first stage of the project, inspections were carried out on the instrumentation installed at the following dams : Lentini, S.Rosalia, Comunelli, Gibbesi, Furore, Zena, Cave, Trigona and Barbajani.
During the second stage of the project, the monitoring systems installed at Rosamarina, Villarosa, Cimia, Disueri, Sciaguana, Orange and Trinity dams were inspected.
Pizzi Instruments immediately activated, organized and arranged a series of technical interventions, providing a full situation of the inspected instrumentation; where possible, we intervened directly on site by repairing or replacing the damaged components.
In some cases, however, improvements have been proposed to implement the current monitoring instrumentation.
At the conclusion of the works, in agreement with the Customer, a meeting was held between Pizzi Instruments and Technical Staff responsible for the dam monitoring; during this meeting Pizzi Instruments staff replied to all technical-operational questions about our monitoring instruments and systems.

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