“Sacred Heart” Church – Florence (Italy)

///“Sacred Heart” Church – Florence (Italy)

04The “Sacred Heart” Church at Rominto was designed and built by the engineer Ezio Zalaffi in 1925.
The Church was heavily damaged during World War II bombings and was then restructured and extended by engineer Galliano Boldrini.

Municipality of Florence

Date Execution of Works

The Municipality of Florence has recently arranged a conservative restoration and structural consilidation of this important Florentine Church.
Pizzi Instruments supplied a monitoring system for the remote control of cracks.
Before the restoration the church had an extremely worrying situation, highlighted by a deep fracture in the pavement that was propagated vertically over the main façade
All the operations have been monitored thanks to an integrated system of sensors that allows to control the building in all its micro and macro displacements and, in case of exceeding a predetermined alarm threshold, the system will alert real-time directly to the technicians of the municipality.
The provided monitoring system, in addition to being flexible, modular and implementable, allowed to reduce more intense restoration and consolidation efforts.

Electrical Crackmeters
Vibrating Wire Piezometers
Digital MEMS Tiltmeter
CUM3000 Datalogger 
Sentinel – Monitoring Software