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Riolunato Dam (Modena – Italy): supply of monitoring instrumentation

///Riolunato Dam (Modena – Italy): supply of monitoring instrumentation

Impresa di Costruzioni Gelmi

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Riolunato dam was built in 1911 and is one of the oldest dams in Italy.
In 2011, the Italian Dams Registry carried out a structural and hydraulic examination that led to the definition of a complete static and hydraulic adjustment project.
In 2015 Pizzi Instruments receives the order from Impresa di Costruzioni Gelmi for the supply and installation of monitoring equipment for the Riolunato dam, currently managed by Enel Green Power.
The supply of monitoring instrumentation was essentially composed by our Laser Telependulum LAC3000.
The supply and installation of the instrumentation has been positively completed and received the approval of the Customer.

Laser Telependulum LAC3000
Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer