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Fiastra Dam (Macerata – Italy) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

///Fiastra Dam (Macerata – Italy) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

Fiastra Dam (Macerata – Italy) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

The lake of Fiastra is the largest hydroelectric reservoir  in the region of Marche and was built in 1954.
Today the lake carries out, besides its hydroelectric function, an important tourist role thanks to its position between mountains and woods.
These works allow the connection between the Fiastrone and Chienti sides.

Enel Green Power S.p.a.

Start date of works
November 2018

End date of works
January 2019


The Fiastrone tank has a total capacity of 20 million cubic meters and a useful capacity for production of 16 million cubic meters.
The barrier is of symmetrical gravity arc type in reinforced concrete; the height of the crowning varies according to the riverbed from 82 to 87 m and its development is equal to 254m.
In June 2018 Pizzi Instruments signed an important “framework agreement”, with a three-year duration, for the supply and installation of monitoring equipment for the dams managed by Enel Green Power SpA.
With reference to the framework contract signed, Pizzi Instruments receives the order for the supply of monitoring equipment for the Fiastra dam; the supply includes among its most important instruments as the automatic laser coordinometer LAC 3000, together with the direct and inverted pendulums, which are are really important instruments for the monitoring and control of translations and rotations in large structures as the dams are.
The supply was successfully completed, obtaining the certificate of regular execution of the works.


Direct and Inverted Pendulum 
Laser telependulum
EGS Portable Electronic Telependulum