Piezometers and Water Level Meters

Radar Water Level System


The Radar Water Level System is a sensor suitable for measurements in large tanks and small channels and for the measurement of small and large flows. Available with different scales, it allows precise and reliable measurement and no contact with the liquid being monitored.
Particularly suitable for level measurements in static situations, it can also be equally effective for measuring liquids in dynamic regimes.
Measurement is independent of the type of liquid measured and its density.


This instrument is particularly suitable for monitoring levels in tunnels of concrete, RCC and in earth dams and for the monitoring of leakage and drainage. Also used for measurement of levels in basins.
Especially recommended for:

  • Lakes
  • Wells
  • Tanks
  • Harbors
  • Docks
  • Channels
  • Streams
  • Rivers

Features and benefits

The Radar Water Level System allows the measurement of levels also in dynamic conditions.
The instrument is characterized by:

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Easy installation
  • No wear and tear
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Pressure independent
  • Temperature independent
  • High measuring accuracy including high range
  • Available with analog and digital outputs
  • Can be integrated with GPRS transmitter

Measuring Principle

Extremely short microwave pulses are radiated by the antenna system to the product to be measured. They are then reflected by the product’s surface and received back by the antenna system. The round-trip time of the signals is proportional to the level.
A special processing procedure ensures reliable and precise measurement.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Ranges Encapsulated antenna system up to 10 meters;
Plastic horn antenna up to 20 meters;
Parabolic antenna up to 70 meters
Connection Thread G1½, 1½ NPT
Mounting bracket
Flange DN 80, 2 “
Measuring Deviation ±2mm
Temperature -40 … +80 °C
Pressure -1 … +2 bar (-100 … +200 kPa)
Storage temperature and transport -40+80 °C
Operating voltage 9,6 Vdc….36 Vdc
Output 4-20mA modbus

Technical Assistance

If you have any requests or questions about our instruments or if you have special needs that require different solutions from the standard, please contact us. Our team will provide all the necessary information and will be very happy to work with you to study, develop and customize instruments and solutions suitable for your specific needs.

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