Monitoring systems for large structures, monuments, the environment and civil works.

We have created monitoring systems for dams, bridges, tunnels (high-speed rail), and structures of historical and archaeological interest (pyramids, medieval towers, etc) in Italy and around the world.

We have provided products, solutions and services for the control and monitoring of different types of works and physical phenomena, guaranteeing our customers complete and qualified assistance in every phase of the project.

Our instruments are installed in more than 300 dams in Italy and many others worldwide.
We are the partner of the government Department of Civil Protection for the supply, maintenance and installation of instrumentation for seismic and vibration monitoring of structures at risk such as hospitals and schools.

Our systems are used for the control and protection of works of artistic and architectural heritage.

We have also provided instruments to monitor the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral), the Column of Justice in Florence, the Djoser pyramid in the Saqqara archaeological site and the Coptic monuments in Cairo.

We also provided the instrumentation for monitoring the works of the New Foster Station and the TAV underground crossing of Florence.