We collaborate with professionals and companies in every phase of the project.

An appropriate monitoring system can only be developed as a result of thorough knowledge of the structure or phenomenon to be monitored and the influence of other parameters such as the production phases, the intervention of the various operators involved, the instrumentation with its principles and installation specifications.


Pizzi Terra srl is an engineering service company specialised in 4D monitoring, geotechnical, structural and topographic measurement and mobile mapping.

Our services include: design, development and installation of systems, monitoring and measurement solutions, execution of geotechnical, vibrational and topographical measurements; execution of on-site tests, provision of qualified customer service, data assistance and data analysis, static and dynamic data collection with laser scanner technology, mobile mapping services for railways, viaducts, motorways etc.

We offer an excellent and reliable 4D monitoring systems via the SwissMON platform: a solid web based solution, reliable, scalable and able to integrate all types of sensors and applicable to large and small monitoring projects www.pizzi-terra.com

header-background2GeoSIG is the world leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of high precision instruments to monitor seismic and vibrational events. Via a wide range of seismic sensors, digitisers , recorders, data acquisition systems and software, GeoSIG Ltd offers highly customised solutions which meet specific customer requirements and the demands of a constantly changing international market.

GeoSIG Ltd instrumentation is applicable to many sectors:
-‘EEWRR’ Earthquake Early Warning and Rapid Response
-Monitoring and recording of seismic events,
-Monitoring of seismic events causing the shutdown of industrial plants.
-Monitoring of seismic effects and structural analysises
-‘SHRM’- Structural Health Monitoring and Response of dams, bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, railways, pipelines and structures of historical significance.

Structural analysis and response to environmental vibration testing, monitoring of induced vibrations, explosions, construction, excavation, drilling, vibration control, compaction control, environment and traffic monitoring, research and scientific applications.