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Municipality of Siena : monitoring and control of possible deformations and subsidences in the area affected by landslides

Municipality of Siena

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On 27/02/2016 some calamitous atmospheric events took place in the territory surrounding the city of Siena. They were caused by persistent and heavy intensity dredges which provoked, at their turn,  considerable damages to the entire road heritage of the town.
The most serious event happened along Peruzzi Street where a significant collapse of a wall occurred, with the consequent slipping of a large amount of soil in the underlying valley.
Given the urgent nature of the matter the Technical Department of the municipality of Siena started an urgent procedure to monitor the situation.
Pizzi Terra Srl, highly specialized in this field, was directly entrusted to follow this service, in particular Pizzi Terra had to monitor the evolution of the phenomena 24 hours a day and to foresee in advance possible deformations over time.
Pizzi Instruments also took part in the project through the supply of the monitoring equipment, consisting of 3 strain gauge control systems distributed over the entire length to be monitored and connected to our CUM3000 acquisition unit, capable of triggering the alarm messaging via GSM modem and the presence of an alarm visual signal.

Datalogger CUM300
Sentinel -Monitoring Software
Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer