Custom-made Instruments and systems for specific needs

Our instruments can be integrated, creating complete monitoring systems

Structural Monitoring Systems

We create structural monitoring instruments and systems for diverse large structures and buildings, manufacturing sensors, acquisition units and data management software as well as providing customized solutions for special applications.

Our years of experience in the field of instrumentation and structural monitoring have enabled us to develop numerous instruments and solutions for application in structures to control of cracks and lesions, subsidence, tilt, rotation, loads and stress.

Crackmeters and Jointmeters
No destructive testing
Pendulums and Coordinometers

Geotechnical Monitoring Systems

We develop and manufacture instruments, sensors and reliable systems for geotechnical monitoring.
Geotechnical instrumentation can be used to monitor existing structures or those under construction.
In the design stage, it is crucial to determine the parameters of geotechnical interest to be monitored in order to implement specific instruments and systems for the work. Pore pressure, water levels in the earth, stress states, settlement, displacement and temperature, are some of the parameters we monitor in real time with our instruments.

Inclinometer Probe Servoaccelerometer
MEMS Inplace Inclinometer
Inclinometric Pipes
Pressure Cells
Vibrating Wire Settlement Cells
Vibrating Wire Piezometers
Water Level Meters

Topographical Monitoring Systems

We develop geotechnical, structural and topographic monitoring systems, integrating Pizzi instrumentation with automatic total stations and GPS.

Thanks to our partnership with leading companies expert in topographic monitoring, we provide our customers with a complete solution for integrated monitoring, managed from a single reliable platform: SwissMon; a web-based solution, robust, reliable and scalable, able to integrate all types of sensors and applicable to large and small monitoring projects.


Seismic monitoring systems

Pizzi instruments S.r.l. is the sole distributor in Italy of GeoSIG ltd. services and products


All our acquisition systems allow centralisation of the instruments in a datalogger, thus creating automatic monitoring systems with control of phenomena 24/7.