Lungarno Torrigiani – Florence (Italy)

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Lungarno Torrigiani – Arno River : supply of monitoring instrumentation to control the fall of wall embankment and the building behind.
Lungarno Torrigiani dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century, during the works for Florence Capital ( 1865 – 1871) the two banks of Arno river upstream of Ponte Vecchio were set up by realizing the “lungarni”.

University of Florence – Department of Earth Science 

Start date of work 
May 2016

End date of work
In progress

On 25 May 2016 the bank of Lungarno Torrigiani in Florence on the left bank between “Alle Grazie Bridge”  and the Old Bridge was affected by the collapse of a large section of the road, causing a deep chasm in the asphalt.
The wall and the back wall was immediately monitored by the University of Florence , through the Department of Earth Science, in collaboration with Pizzi Instruments, which provided immediately the monitoring instrumentation, with Pizzi Terra  who immediately intervened for the installation of the sensors and for the realization of a remote control system.
The monitoring system consists of a series of sensors such as inclinometers and crackmeters that have been placed on the wall and on the surroundings buildings, all controlled by our CUM3000 datalogger.
The system has been implemented by a robotic total station, which allows to detect, at present frequencies, the posistion of a series of prisms also installed on the wall and on the back buildings , with a surveillance camera tha monitors the area.

CUM3000 Datalogger
Sentinel – Monitoring Software
Digital MEMS Tiltmeter 
Vibrating Wire Crackmeters
Potentiometric Vibrating Wire Crackmeters
Robotic Total Station