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Isola Serafini Dam (Italy) – Implementation of a new automatic monitoring system

///Isola Serafini Dam (Italy) – Implementation of a new automatic monitoring system

The HHP of Isola Serafini produces energy  by exploiting the difference in elevation created by the double barrier on the river of Po, located at Isola Serafini, downstream of the fraction of San Nazzaro, which intercepts the two branches (a natural and an artificial one) in which the Po river will be divided and goes around the island.

The barrier, consisting of eleven lights of 30 m each, adjusted by carriages, creates a variable altitude ranging from 3.50 to 7.50 m.


Enel Green Power Spa

Start date of works
July 2017

End date of works
October 2017

The power plant, built in the early 60s by the Middle Adriatic Hydropower Society (SIMA) and subsequently purchased by ENEL, currently manages it, uses four Kaplan turbines of exceptional dimensions of unit power of 12.5 MW, with a unit capacity up to to 300 m³ / s.

In December 2016, Pizzi Instruments awarded the supply for the implementation of a new inclinometric, piezometric and extensimetric monitoring system for ISOLA SERAFINI dam.

The supply was positively completed and obtained the certificate of regular execution of the works.

Vibrating Wire Piezometers
Servoaccelerometer tiltmeters
Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometers
Sentinel – Monitoring Software