Civil Works

High Speed Line – Florence (Italy)

///High Speed Line – Florence (Italy)

Supply and installation of an automatic monitoring system and real time of tracks for the project “High Speed Line – Florence Junction – Lot 1”.

Nodavia Società Consortile per Azioni

Execution dates of works

Pizzi Instruments provided and installed an automatic and real time system, complete with an alarm management related to the railway safety parameters.
Pizzi Instruments also carried out the supply and installation of geotechnical and structural instrumentation for the monitoring of the station “Imbocco Nord”.All collected data were graphically processed, checked and validated.
All activities related to the supply and commissioning of the instruments have been successfully concluded, receiving the approval of the Customer.

Flowmeters and leakagemeters
Electrical Piezometer
CUM3000 Datalogger
Sentinel – Monitoring Software
Junction and Measure box
Tiltlogger – MEMS Wireless Datalogger