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GIBE III Dam (Ethiopia) : supply and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation

///GIBE III Dam (Ethiopia) : supply and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation

Salini Impregilo Spa

Start Date of works
July 2011

End Date of works
December 2016

Gibe III, the biggest hydroelectric dam in the country with an installed capacity of 1,870 MW and the tallest of its kind in the world.
Located on the Omo River 450 kilometres southwest of the capital Addis Ababa, the dam is the latest in a series being built by the country to allow the exploitation of its vast water supply.
In 2011, Pizzi Instruments received an important commission from the Construction Company for the supply and installation of monitoring equipment.
The installed instrumentation was specially made by Pizzi Instruments thanks to the long experience gained in geotechnical and structural monitoring, adopting innovative, innovative constructions to ensure reliable and long-lasting functionality over time.
The first supply started in July 2011, continuing successfully until the completion date of the works.

DEC3000 Portable Datarecorder
DEC5 Portable Readout Unit
Sentinel-Monitoring Software
Direct and inverted pendulum 
Electromagnetic Telependulum
Optical Coordinometer
Vibrating Wire Piezometer
Staff gauges
Piezometric Level Meter
Meteo Devices
Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer
High precision optical collimator
V-Notch Weirs
Removable Deformometer 700
Seismic and vibration