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Diga di Djerdap I (Kladovo – Serbia) : supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation 

///Diga di Djerdap I (Kladovo – Serbia) : supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation 

European Agency for Reconstruction – Belgrade(Serbia)

Start date of works
First supply : 2001

End date of works
Second supply : 2007

The Djerdap dam, located on the banks of the Danube at the Serbian-Romanian border, was designed in a symmetrical way to ensure fair supply for the two countries involved in the project.
Each part has its own hydroelectric power station, 7 bellmouth spillways over  than other 14 spillways positioned in the common stream of the dam.
The two hydroelectric power stations are connected to each other so that, if necessary, the Serbian electrical system can supply the Romanian one and vice versa.
In 2001, under the patronage of “European Energy Program for Serbia”, Pizzi signed a contract with Belgrade’s European Agency for Reconstruction for supplying and installing monitoring equipment for the Djerdap dam.
All the supply and installation activities of the instrumentation have been performed in accordance with the contractual specifications and in compliance with the contractual specification by obtaining the approval and certification of regular execution by the Customer.
In 2007, Pizzi carried out further supply of monitoring equipment, receiving in this case also the approval for the correct and regular execution of the performed supply, fulfilling its technical-design completeness.

Removable Deformometer 700
Bubble Level Tiltmeter
Analogue Tiltmeter
EGS – Portable Electronic Telependulum