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DEC5 Portable Readout Unit


DEC5 is a portable readout unit for vibrating wire instruments and thermistors, equipped with internal rechargeable battery, able to read almost all vibrating wire instruments on the international market.
The DEC5 is a very simple and intuitive readout unit to use, with immediate return of measured data on an alphanumeric display located on the front panel.
Great reliability, universality, ease of use and long autonomy, make DEC5 perfect for those who have to take manual measurements without the need to store data and without the need to programme automatic measurement cycles.
As an alternative to DEC 5, for larger storage requirements and automatic programming of measurement cycles, we offer our DEC3000 devices (see separate leaflet).


The DEC5 readout unit comes as a portable reading device for vibrating wire instruments and thermistors. The latest version has the ability to capture almost all vibrating wire instruments present on the national and international market.
Its great reliability, solidity, sturdy protective case and reasonable price, make the DEC5 an excellent device for those performing occasional test measurements during the various stages of processing or for working in particularly difficult conditions on sites such as:

  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Piles
  • Railway lines
  • Monuments
  • Churches
  • Historical and cultural buildings
  • Various

Features and Benefits

  • Designed and manufactured in our laboratories of Florence
  • Small size
  • Low cost
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Low consumption
  • Long battery life
  • High reliability and repeatability
  • Reads almost all vibrating wire sensors currently present on the market
  • High strength
  • Waterproof
  • Viewing of acquired data via visual display
  • Easy sensor connection

Measurement Principles

The DEC5 internal electronics come from years of experience in the field of monitoring and more specifically the design and construction of monitoring instruments. The control unit provides the excitement of the sensor’s wire, measures the frequency of vibration and shows it on the alphanumeric display.
This product is definitely one of the most requested by operators who do not require particular functions from a control unit, but require high reliability, accuracy and speed in instrument readings, simplicity and the ability to read almost all vibrating wire instruments currently on the market.

General Features

Absorption 5 VA max
Battery autonomy 12h in acquisition phase / 24h in stand-by
Display 4 rows x 20 digits – LED backlit
Keyboard With 5 keys protected with polycarbonate film with a thickness  of 0,17mm
Internal clock Max error 1 min / mounth


A/D Converter 24 bit

Type of reading
Vibrating wire (350 – 6000 Hz)
Test function
Measurement of battery

Type Black resin
Dimensions 162x114x85,6 mm
Index of protection Case IP66, Datalogger IP40 (EN60529)
Weight 2,65 kg
Operating temperature – 40…..85 °C
Installation Portable

Power Supply

Voltage 12V
Absorption 60 mA   max ; 0,1 mA  Stand by; 5VA max
Connector On board
Internal battery 2 Ah

Environmental operating conditions

Temperature -40……+85°C
Humidity  0……….95% rel. Max
Altitude  0……….8000 mt

Technical Assistance

If you have any requests or questions about our instruments or if you have special needs that require different solutions from the standard, please contact us. Our team will provide all the necessary information and will be very happy to work with you to study, develop and customize instruments and solutions suitable for your specific needs.

All information in our datasheet is subject to change without prior notice.
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