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Supply and inspection of Monitoring Instruments for Dams

///Supply and inspection of Monitoring Instruments for Dams

Managed by the Water Authority of Val D’Aosta

Water Authority of Val D’Aosta (Italy)

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The Water Authority of the autonomous Italian Region of Val D’Aosta owns and manages 30 hydroelectric power plants that provide an average annual potential output of 2.700 millions of KWh.
Its fields of activity are the hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind sector.
From 1997 until now, Pizzi Instruments subscribes a series of contracts for the supply and assistance to installation of monitoring equipment, mainly for the following dams: Beauregard, Gabiet, Place Moulin and Cignana.
For some supplies we arranged the related training course on the use of the provided monitoring equipment.
All supplies have been successfully completed and received the technical and functional approval by the Customer.

Inclinometer Probe Servoaccelerometer
EGS – Portable Electronic Telependulum
Tape Extensometer
Measurement target with remote movement control