Countryside Area of San Biagio (Florence) – Italy

///Countryside Area of San Biagio (Florence) – Italy

Supply of two monitoring systems for the landslide movements in the countryside area of San Biagio (Florence) Italy.

Province of Florence

Execution Date of Works

In 2010, Pizzi Instruments was commissioned by the Province of Florence to supply two monitoring systems to control the landslide movements occurred,  during the construction of a road link,  in the countryside area of San Biagio  (Florence).
The proposed monitoring system has provided the supply and installations  of a series of wire extensometers for evaluation and monitoring the deformation phenomenon over time.
Our datalogger CUM3000 allows to record in continuous and to store in a digital way the acquired data.
Our Sentinel Monitoring Software allows to manage,  in an automatic way, the download and the storage of data, the configuration of the different channels in order to have engineering data and the graphical and numerical visualization.
The supply and installation of the instrumentation ended positively without objection by the Customer.

Wire displacement Sensors
Cum3000 Datalogger
Sentinel Monitoring Software