G.E.R.D.P. (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project) Ethiopia : supply and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation

Towke Mukorsi Dam (Zimbabwe): supply and commissiong of monitoring instrumentation

GIBE III Dam (Ethiopia) : supply and commissioning of monitoring instrumentation

Koysha Dam (Ethiopia) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

Bilancino Dam (Italy) : Programmed maintenance service on monitoring and automatic acquisition system

Isola Serafini Dam (Italy) – Implementation of a new automatic monitoring system

Sicily Region Dams : verification and integration of monitoring instrumentation

Riolunato Dam (Modena – Italy): supply of monitoring instrumentation

Valfabbrica Dam (Perugia – Italy) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

Sardinia Dams: scheduled maintenance service on monitoring instrumentation installed on dams managed by Water Authority of Sardinia

Dams managed by Mediterranean Water Authority   : periodical inspection on dam monitoring instrumentation

Dams managed by the Water Authority of Val D’Aosta (Italy) : supply and inspection of monitoring instrumentation.

Quaira della Miniera DAM (Bolzano – Italy): supply of Pizzi Instruments Laser Telependulum – LAC3000 Model

Re di Sole Dam (San Giovanni in Fiore – Cosenza – Italy) : supply of monitoring instrumentation

Ridracoli Dam (Forlì-Cesena Italy) : Interventions of scheduled maintenance on monitoring instrumentation

High Speed Line – Florence (Italy)

Saqqara Archaeological Site ( Egypt)

Lungarno Torrigiani – Florence (Italy)

Municipality of Siena (Italy)

Old Bridge – Florence (Italy)

Department of Civil Protection

Port of Catania : Load tests on pole

Column of Justice – Florence (Italy)

Countryside Area of San Biagio (Florence) – Italy

Italian Navy (La Spezia) – Italy

Castle of Malgrate – Villafranca in Lunigiana (Italy)

Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Plant: supply of monitoring equipment

“Sacred Heart” Church – Florence (Italy)

Rama Dam (Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina) : Supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation

Diga di Djerdap I (Kladovo – Serbia) : supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation 

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