Inclinometers, both with probe and fixed in-place, are of fundamental importance in geotechnical and structural monitoring. Settlement, sliding layers of soil (soil slide, unstable slopes?) landslides, mudslides, excavation and drilling work are among the most frequent causes of damage to structures which are next to or above affected areas.

For monitoring the ground, we offer both manual inclinometer probes and fixed inclinometers (i.e. in-place inclinometer- IPI) which are automatic and can be centrally controlled. For monitoring structures, we offer fixed single and dual axis tiltmeters to position on walls and horizontal planes (surfaces?); these can also be manual or automatic and centrally controlled.

Inclinometer probes with force balance servo accelerometer sensors and sensors with MEMS technology are part of our range. We also produce monoaxial and biaxial tiltmeters with MEMS technology, vibrating wire sensors, electronic levels or potentiometric sensors.

Amongst our instruments for use with structures, we draw attention to our bubble level clinometer. Unique in its kind, it provides data measurable to 2 ” Sexagesimal accuracy with a range of ± 30 ‘ and is essential as a complement to automatic sensors for periodic verification that these instruments are still functioning over time and in their environment.

Our exclusively mechanical instrument for manual use is created to a very sensitive level, its rotations are controlled by a high precision mechanical amplification system with levers and a micrometer screw.

All moving parts, micrometer screws, are made of treated steel.

Among the most common applications of these instruments are:

  • Landslides and mudslides
  • Diaphragms
  • Piles
  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Railways
  • Road embankments
  • Buildings

Digital Sensor Inclinometer – Model Digitilt AT

Tilt beam

Analogue Tiltmeter

Digital MEMS Tiltmeter

High Precision Electrolevel Tiltmeter TILT 2000

Bubble Level Tiltmeter

MEMS In place Inclinometer (IPI)

Inclinometer Probe Servo Accelerometer

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