Data acquisition systems are the heart of all monitoring systems.
Since the very beginning at Pizzi Instruments, we decided to design and include in our range, all measuring devices, automatic acquisition units (dataloggers) and everything else necessary to ensure our customers have maximum flexibility and efficiency in the creation and execution of geotechnical and structural monitoring systems. Plus providing, in addition, more direct assistance for the resolution of any problems.
Today there are numerous monitoring systems made with Pizzi Instruments’ acquisition systems.
Thanks to our experience of over 40 years in the design and manufacture of instruments for geotechnical and structural monitoring, our customers are able to query and measure, with very high resolution, almost all sensors for geotechnical and structural monitoring on the market, for example
– Vibrating wire sensors
– Potentiometric sensors
– Analog sensors (voltage or current)
– Digital sensors
– Pulse counters
– Temperature sensors (PT100, NTC)
– MV / V
Designed and developed to be the heart of monitoring systems, our acquisition systems are used for the acquisition and control of a whole range of specific (specialist?) electrical instruments, both those produced by us, as well as those made by other companies on the international market:
– Piezometers
– Crackmeters
– Jointmeters
– Clinometers
– Inclinometers
– Load and pressure cells
– Level meters
– Leakage meters
– Telependulums
– Strain gauges
– Linear displacement sensors
-.Weather sensors
Our datalogger range is divided into units (datalogger) for portable reading and manual acquisition and datalogger for automatic acquisition.
Through integration with the specific multiplexer card our automatic dataloggers can handle up to 500 channels.
Our datalogger is configurable with a wide variety of communication options.
For example :
-GSM / GPRS modem
– Fiber optics
– Wi-Fi modules
– Radio modem
– Ethernet
– Satellite modem
– Direct internet access
– Typical monitoring systems applications where customers use our equipment:
– Monitoring of dams
– Monitoring of tunnels
– Monitoring of buildings
– Monitoring of railway works railways
– Monitoring of monuments
– Monitoring of foundations
– Monitoring of civil and construction works
– Monitoring of landslides
– Monitoring of highways, roads and viaducts

Sentinel Software – for Monitoring and Data Management

Junction and Measurement Boxes

VW HUB 2 Datalogger

Compact-RIO Module for VW Sensors


Portable Readout Unit

DEC5 Portable Readout Unit

DEC3000 Portable Datarecorder

Datalogger CUM3000

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