The optical collimator allows detection of the movement of one or more points of a dam with respect to two reference points located externally to the structure and along the same alignment as the points being monitored.
Special reference targets are necessary to complete the collimation system
Characteristics of the collimator, including robustness, guarantee very precise and repeatable measurement. The objective lens of the instrument has an optical resolution of 1.5″; the complete system, collimator and targets, increases resolution up to 0.32″.
The main uses of this instrument is for monitoring movement in concrete and earthfill dams; it is possible to use the collimator for monitoring other generic works, as: diaphragms, tunnels, excavation walls, embankments, viaducts, bridges, etc.

Measurement target with remote movement control

Collimation Accessories

High Precision Optical Collimator

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