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Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Plant: supply of monitoring equipment

///Bumbuna Hydroelectric Power Plant: supply of monitoring equipment

Salcost –  Sierra Leone

Start date of works

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The project, situated some 350 Km from Freetown, consists of a rockfill dam with a semi-outdoor power station, housing two Francis Turbine units with a total installed capacity of 50MW; two 9 m. dia. diversion tunnels; two bell-shaped spillways.
With its entry into operation in 2009, there was a significant improvement in the problem of electricity supply at national level.
Energy production takes place through the supervision and coordination of the National Power Authority.
Pizzi Instruments has provided a first supply of monitoring instrumentation during the design phases of the project and subsequently during the management and maintenance phases of the project.
The supplies were completed positively and received positive feedback from the Customer.

DEC3000 Portable Datalogger
DEC5 Portable Readout Unit
Sentinel – Monitoring Software
Vibrating Wire Piezometer