For 40 years Pizzi Instruments has been producing precision instruments for projects worldwide.

Accuracy of design, efficiency of execution and reliability of operation are the  features that every great project must have and that its monitoring must guarantee.

Instruments and Solutions for civil and geotechnical engineering applications

Our products and services are characterised by high quality and proven reliability over time.

Tradition and experience combined with the requirements of new markets

We offer innovative products and services tailored fully to the needs of our customers.
Operating principles, technical characteristics, construction materials and mounting accessories are chosen carefully, taking into account the specific characteristics of the work, environmental conditions and related operating issues.
We guarantee reliability over time, precision and everything necessary for a complete and positive response to the technical requirements of the designers and site.

Appropriate choices in operating principles and the construction of the sensors together with customised solutions for complete monitoring systems ensure that our systems are reliable and durable over time, also for  applications in complex situations and environments.


Pizzi Instruments manufactures and supplies high precision instruments for geotechnical and structural health monitoring

Thanks to our experience, we support customers and designers from the initial stages of the project, providing careful and professional consulting in order to better understand real requirements and develop the best solutions.

We develop and produce customised instruments to meet diverse needs; we integrate our instruments into complete and complex monitoring systems. We provide a professional support service during installation, configuration and maintenance of the system, through all phases of the project.

Our goal is to provide instruments and monitoring systems appropriate to the real requirements  of our customers; offering specific solutions studied together with our customers, to guarantee concrete and reliable results, rather than just providing standard instruments and services.


Pizzi was established in Florence in 1983. With an agreement with Officine Galileo Spa, a worldwide pioneer in scientific instrumentation,  Franco Pizzi acquired designs and patents for the  manufacture and commerce of instruments for the geotechnical and structural health control of dams and large structures.

From the start, our aim has always been to support designers and construction companies in all project phases, developing monitoring solutions for specific needs.

Engineering experience and technological innovation are combined in a company which, over time, has been able to integrate technical knowledge with the latest technology to offer innovative, reliable and personalised solutions.


Professionality of design, quality of construction, reliability of operation; these are the criteria that every great project must satisfy and its monitoring must guarantee.

Franco Pizzi – Founder of Pizzi Instruments S.r.l.